Symfony Micro Framework Bundle

A replacement of the official FrameworkBundle allowing Symfony to be used as a micro-framework which follows the "add what you need" philosophy.


First install it using Composer:

composer require gnugat/micro-framework-bundle:^0.5

Then enable it in your application's kernel (e.g. app/AppKernel.php):

new Gnugat\MicroFrameworkBundle\GnugatMicroFrameworkBundle()

More information


  • compatible with most third party bundles, more information
  • micro framework spirit, including:
    • "add what you need" philosohpy
    • few dependencies
    • small API
    • small footprint for better performance
    • more information

Want to know more?

You can see the current and past versions using one of the following:

And finally some meta documentation:

Note: Some logic has been taken from Symfony FrameworkBundle and modified, all attributions go to Fabien Potencier and the contributors.