Use cases

Redaktilo has been created to meet some actual needs, which is why its Test Suite contains an Example section.

Let's discover the use cases which led to the creation of Redaktilo:

YAML configuration edition

Many projects use the YAML format in their configuration files.

If you need to add a new parameter, you could use the Symfony2 YAML component, which is a small library allowing you to convert a YAML file to a PHP array and vis-versa.

The only problem with it: it doesn't keep comments or empty lines.

Redaktilo fits perfectly for the job.

Note: see BundleRoutingTest for an actual implementation.

JSON file edition

Some projects use JSON files (like Composer).

Just like with Symfony2 YAML component, you could use json_encode and json_decode to edit these files, but you would lose empty lines and custom indentation.

Redaktilo is again a good candidate.

PHP source code edition

GnugatWizardBundle automatically registers bundle installed using composer in a Symfony2 application.

To do so, it edits the app/AppKernel.php file using SensioGeneratorBundle's KernelManipulator.

This class is a little over engineered as it parses PHP tokens, and doesn't allow to register bundle for a special environment, meaning that GnugatWizardBundle will need to create its own KernelManipulator.

The result of a simpler approach (parsing lines instead of PHP tokens) is Redaktilo!

Note: see BundleRegistrationTest for an actual implementation.

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