Loïc Faugeron Technical Blog


Hi there!

I'm Loïc (it's pronounced "low-ic"), an enthusiast developer constantly curating content (twitter, blogs, etc) for better practices and tools.

I wrote about the methodology and tools I use to keep up: Read it Later. You can find most of the Twitter accounts and blogs I follow here, as well as the list of links I've found interesting every year here.

I'm concerned with code quality and I work with agile methodologies (lately Scrum and spec BDD).

I also wrote about how I develop: you can check the Mars Rover series

Everything started in 2004 when I decided to learn on my own PHP and Python. This then led me to a master degree at EPITECH University (2008-2013) where traditional lectures don't exist: you learn by developing multiple projects (in parallel and in many teams), and the only libraries you're allowed to use are the ones you created yourself (C and C++).

I've mainly worked in web agencies (since 2011), with some frameworks: CakePHP, home made, Drupal 7 and last but not least Symfony. This last one is my favourite as it allows the creation of decoupled code (which means less risk of legacy / technical debt).

I wrote a tutorial to learn Symfony: The Ultimate Developer Guide To Symfony.

I'm currently a Lead Developer at Constant Commerce, a start up based in London.

Our customers are mainly brands (e.g. Unilever) and media websites (e.g. BBC Good Food in the UK, Foodiful in Australia): we make their content (items, recipes, articles, videos, etc) shoppable in one click via your favourite retailer like Sainsbury (UK), Woolworth (Australia), Stop & Shop (US), etc.

On my free time, I spend between 10 to 15 hours a week on pet projects in order to learn new things. I also to contribute to Free and Open Source projects, as I've always believed in this initiative.

Hint: this blog might talk a lot about design patterns/principles, Symfony and tests.